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Seeds, Nuts & Grains

Our choice of top quality Seeds, Nuts & Grains include those which are high in protein, low in salt and contain good fats that’ll help keep your body in tip top condition.

Perfect for a mid-afternoon pick me up or sprucing up any meal, this selection is full wholefood goodness bound to keep your diet balanced and in check.

Combine these with our easy to mix fine oats, or the more traditional Mornflake Superfast oats, and you'll reach your healthy fat intake no problem, which is essential for muscle growth!


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Organic Coconut Flour

From £4.45

Muscle Food Trail Mix - 250g

From £4.00

Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds - 250g

From £4.45

High Protein BBQ Baked Beans - 6 Pack

From £5.95

Protein Beans with Chicken Meatballs x 6

From £6.95

Milled Flaxseed & Mixed Nuts

From £5.21
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Milled Flaxseed & Mixed Seeds

From £4.50

Natural Almonds – 400g

Just £4.00

Natural Cashews – 400g

Just £4.50

Nut Mix - 40g Pack

From £1.15

Fruit & Nut Mix - 40g Pack

From £1.15

Fruit, Nut & Seed Mix - 40g Pack

From £1.15

Nudie Snacks Coconut Chips - 40g Pack

From £1.30

Low-Fat Peanut Flour

From £4.69
Next Day Delivery  - If Basket Only Contains Next Day Items

Mornflake Superfast Oats - 1kg

Just £1.00

Genesis 1:29® Whole Grain & Seed Bread

From £4.95

7 Sprouted Grains Bread - 680g

From £4.95

4 Wholemeal Protein Baps - 22g Protein

From £2.00

7 Sprouted Grains English Muffins

From £3.59

Ezekiel 4:9® Whole Grain Burger Buns

From £4.45

Ezekiel 4:9 Whole Grain Tortillas

From £2.99

Organic Sprouted Corn Tortillas

From £2.69

Ezekiel 4:9® Cinnamon Bread

From £5.50

Protein Bread - 30g Protein Per 2 Slices

From £3.50

Wholemeal Protein Bread - 3 Loaves

Just £9.50

Oomf! Instant Oats - Original x 8

From £7.00

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