British Red Tractor Assurance is available on selected products.

Our high welfare British Veal is RSPCA Assured.

Vegan Plant Protein Meals

Wholesome plant based ingredients, minimum 20g of protein and less than 500 calories per meal.

Everything in our Live Clean™ Vegan Plant Protein Range is made from clean wholesome ingredients, with nothing artificial and no added sugar. Each meal contains:

  • 20g-40g Protein
  • Less Than 500 calories
  • 3+ Of Your 5 A Day
  • Nutritionally Dense
  • Vegan Society
  • Clean Plant Ingredients

Perfect for anyone looking to eat clean and meet their daily protein needs; while following a plant based or vegan diet. Or you could just fancy a meat free day!

Eat the Live Clean™ way:

  • Clean wholesome ingredients
  • Nothing artificial
  • No added sugar
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No MSG or soy lecithin
  • Lab tested nutritionals