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Our high welfare British Veal is RSPCA Assured.

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Meat Joints

ATTENTION CARNIVORES – your dreams have just come true… Instead of spotting the odd meaty jewel on Muscle Food, we’ve put all of our mouth-watering meat joints right here.

Feeding your whole family? Check out our Whole Chickens or the luscious Leg of British Lamb.

Or if you fancy a challenge to yourself, we’ve got you covered with our 32oz ‘Big Daddy’ Steaks… Tuck in!

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Whole Free Range Beef Fillet - 2kg

Just £49.00

737g Free Range Cowboy Steak

From £22.00

907g Free Range Big Daddy Rump Steak

Just £15.00

907g Free Range Big Daddy T-Bone Steak

Just £19.00

Boneless Leg of British Lamb - 1.8kg

From £22.99

Whole Fresh British Chicken - 1.2 kg

Just £5.00

1.2kg Whole Corn-Fed French Chicken

Just £8.00

Turkey Breast Joint - 2-2.8kg

From £18.00

Rolled Pork Shoulder - 1kg

From £9.00

Prime Pork Tenderloin Fillet - 400g

From £4.75

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