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Our high welfare British Veal is RSPCA Assured.

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Minced Meats

When it comes to cooking, minced meats make up a lot of our favourite meals… Well, now you can pick your Muscle Food favourites right from here!

Whatever your taste buds want, we’ve got you covered – from Organic Beef Steak to Extra Lean Chicken Breast, and even 100% Horse Mince…

All of them come packed with protein, serious flavour and go great with any dish you throw it in. Join the Mince movement and stock up now!

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Extra Lean Free Range Steak Mince - 1kg

From £8.75

Extra Lean Free Range Steak Mince - 400g

From £3.50

Organic Beef Steak Mince - 500g

From £4.50

Premium Turkey Breast Mince - 400g

Just £4.00

Premium Turkey Thigh Mince - 400g

Just £3.49

Extra Lean Chicken Breast Mince - 300g

From £2.50

Lamb Leg Mince - 400g

From £5.25

High Welfare British Veal Mince - 500g

From £5.00

Very Low Fat Pork Mince - 400g

From £3.50

Extra Lean 100% Horse Mince - 500g

From £4.50

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