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Our high welfare British Veal is RSPCA Assured.

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If you fancy a change from beef and chicken, our prime pork range is the ideal nutritious and delicious alternative.

Although considered a treat meat because of its higher fat content to beef, our pork is still packed with protein and is rich in other essential vitamins and minerals.

Add this meat to your off-season diet for top quality and pocket friendly variety or cook it as an occasional treat for a nourishing healthy meal.

Diet Pizza Range

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Sticky Italian Spicy Sausage - 454g

From £3.00

Low Fat Back Bacon Medallions - 350g

From £3.95

Low Fat Pork Sausages - 454g

From £3.70

Low Fat Cumberland Sausages - 454g

From £3.70

Low Fat Pork Chilli and Garlic Sausages - 454g

From £3.70

Chorizo Style Pork Sausages - 454g

From £3.70

Pulled Pork Sausages - 454g

From £3.50

Meaty Pork Sausages - 454g

From £2.50

Cumberland Sausages - 454g

From £2.50

2 x 170g Low Fat Smoked Bacon Steaks

From £3.00

Prime Pork Loin Steaks - 4 x 100g

From £3.50

Pork Medallion Steaks - 400g

From £4.20

Very Low Fat Pork Mince - 400g

From £3.50

Prime Pork Tenderloin Fillet - 400g

From £4.75

Rolled Pork Shoulder - 1kg

From £9.00

Maple Cured Bacon - 300g

From £4.00

Traditional Ham Slices - 450g

Just £3.50

Organic Diced Pork - 400g

From £5.50

2 x 113g Organic Pork Escalopes

From £4.50

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