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Platinum Edge™ Pills

British Made, British Formulated and freshly produced in small batches to ensure freshness and potency, our Platinum Edge™ supplements are at the forefront of sports nutrition.

These effective and powerful pills have been manufactured to the highest possible standards in GMP approved facilities, so you’re guaranteed a premium quality supplement at a price that’s fair.

The only pills with the Platinum Edge™, these supplements list claims approved by the European Food Safety Authority and also contain clinically tested ingredients we believe to be on their way to approval!

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Firm Dex™

From £10.00


From £14.95

Alpha+™ Super Multivitamin

From £16.99

Omega 3 Extra Strength 33:22

From £9.95

Omega 3 18:12

From £5.49

CLA1000™ - CLA Tablets

From £5.95

Pure Testo™ - Testosterone Boost

From £25.00

ZiMg™ - Zinc, Magnesium & Vit B6

From £9.49

CEE500+™ Creatine Ethyl Ester

From £11.49

BCAA Rapid™ 2:1:1 - 1005mg Tablets

From £11.00

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