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Sci Mx® Nutrition

With one mission to help you improve your physique, Sci Mx use the latest scientific studies in muscle building to create a premium range of supplements which caters for every goal.

The HARDCORE series focuses on muscle mass and size, LEANCORE focuses on lean muscle and RIPPEDCORE focuses on body fat reduction and creating ultra lean muscle tone.

Many of Sci Mx’s products have been Informed Sport tested. This certifies that all the ingredients used have been tested for banned substances by the world class sports anti doping lab.

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12 x Sci-mx Pro2go Oatbakes - 15g Protein

From £14.99

12 x Sci-mx Pro2go Cookies - 15g Protein

From £14.99

Sci Mx Ultra Whey™ Protein

From £20.99

Sci-Mx Pro V-Gain™ Protein

From £18.25

Sci Mx Omni MX® Hardcore

From £26.00

Sci Mx X-Plode Hardcore™

From £15.00

Sci Mx Shred-X - 100 capsules

Just £19.99

Sci-Mx Diet Pro Meal™

From £19.50

Pro 2Go® Flapjack

From £24.95

Sci Mx Muscle Meal Leancore™

From £21.95

BCAA Intra Hardcore™

From £21.95

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