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10 Fitness Secrets To Give You Olympic-Level Performance


Olympic fever has taken over here at Muscle Food HQ – but what does it take to have the INSANE fitness levels of an Olympic athlete?

Olympic Rings

While our Muscle Food Chicken and Protein Pizza have been showing off their athletic prowess on Facebook, and we have taken a look into how to turbo boost your workout with some Olympic sports, nothing really compares to knowing some insider secrets to peak performance.

But did you know all it takes is 10 tweaks to your schedule – some of them tiny – to get you on the fast track to success? Let’s take a look at them!



1. Get your beauty sleep


Good Night sleep

It’s essential: Training hard? You absolutely NEED 8-10 hours of sleep.

Get to bed before 11pm for a high quality nap, and switch off all screens 30 minutes before sleeping to dodge the negative effects of electromagnetic waves.


2. Diet and Hydration is key


Good hydration

Every Olympic physique starts with eating and drinking well.

Kick off with a breakfast of lean protein and complex carbohydrates.

Eat regularly every 3-4 hours and be sure to do so 1 ½ hours within working out. In terms of drinking – aim to consume half your bodyweight in pure water.


3. Train early


Exercise Early

Set your alarm early in the weekdays and get down to the gym. If the Olympic athletes can do it, then so can you!

With less distractions in the morning, working out early is the best. Plus, you will feel great all day.


4. Train with a partner or group


Exercise in a group

Squad up for accountability. All of those athletes you see on TV? Chances are they’ve been training together for years before they compete against each other.

Never go it alone – if you train with a spouse, friend or even a small fitness class, your urge to exercise goes up. Nothing picks up your intensity more than keeping up with the group.


5. Warm-up and Recover properly



People often discount the importance of a proper warm-up and recovery. These people are wrong.

10-15 minutes of dynamic warm ups and a post-workout stretch ensures the body stays limber – reducing chances of pain or soreness dramatically.


6. Prepare mentally


Mental Preparation

Psych yourself up. Many Olympic athletes have a playlist for this specific reason!

Quick ways to prepare yourself mentally – read up on your inspirational quotes, rehearse, have a go-to power song and make sure you have a long term plan for your fitness.


7. Use a mixture of dynamic exercises


Dynamic Exercise

Mixing up your styles will create muscle confusion, which means they don’t settle down into one particular exercise.

That means greater gains AND it makes things interesting in the gym.


8. Hire a coach/trainer


Personal Trainer

All the Olympic athletes have a coach – someone to help plan, motivate or give you expert advice.

This one may be pricey, but for the dramatic results, it’s totally worth it!


9. Go big – lift heavy


Lifting heavy weight

To get that lean physique, you need to work on those muscles!

Transform that body fat percentage into pure power with some maximum strength gains.

Push yourself and attempt a few sets of heavy lifts. Your body will thank you for it.


10. Power up your pull ups


Pull ups

And finally, while lifting heavy, don’t forget those back muscles!

They help improve your posture, increase metabolism and even improve running speed. Buff up those back muscles on a rowing machine, or pull off the classic pull ups.




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