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10 Foods You THINK Are Healthy But Really Aren’t…

It’s fair to say that the ‘health food’ craze has swept through the UK like wildfire.

Everywhere you look you see people promoting health foods and stores stocking shelves upon shelves of health foods supposedly ‘loaded’ with nutrients ‘guaranteed’ to make you look younger, feel better, be healthier – blah blah blah.

Organic this, low fat that, no sugar here, all-natural there – it’s never ending, and the reality is, many of these ‘healthier’ options are actually highly calorific, laden with fats and contain hidden sugars.

But in a world obsessed with ‘health foods’ how do you know what you’re eating is actually good for you, and what is just as bad as munching on chocolate for breakfast?

Well… here’s the scoop on 10 foods you think are great for you, but actually aren’t…


1. Coconut oil

For starters, is there anything coconut oil can’t do? From makeup remover to moisturiser to cooking oil, it’s literally the one product you NEED in your life.

BUT, it is high in fat – good fats yes – but fat nonetheless and too much of any kind of fat in your diet is not good for your arteries or heart.

To reduce the amount of unwanted extra fat in your diet you could melt the oil down and pour it into a spray bottle and spritz onto the pan before cooking.

Or try an alternative like avocado oil.

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