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10 Gym Exercise You Are Probably Doing WRONG

  • Think you’re getting the most out of your workout? Think again.

  • According to a poll of 942 fitness professionals, A LOT of people do some key gym exercises wrong!

  • But what exercises are you getting wrong the most? We count down the top 10.

10. Lunges


Lunges are like Marmite – you either love or hate them!

This makes number 10 on our list, because the most commonly reported error is many people allowing their knee on the front leg to lean over the toes.

Not just that, but people are prone to lean their upper body forward or to one side.

These puts an incredible amount of stress on the knee, back and buttocks, leaving you susceptible to injury.

To do it properly, make sure your front leg is bent at about a 90-degree angle and keep your upper body upright at all times.

9. Leg Lifts

Leg Lifts

Arching your back too much on lower back exercises? Stop it!

While doing leg lifts, you’ve got to make sure your back has it’s “natural curve.”

That means not sticking your chest out high as you lift those straight legs up, and keeping your head & shoulders flat on the ground.

Arching your back too much means your back is further strained, leading to this becoming less effective than an abdominal exercise.

Lie down like a normal human being, only arch the back a little – like how your spine usually curves – and lift your legs slowly while keeping abs contracted.

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