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10 Gym Exercise You Are Probably Doing WRONG Page 3

6. The Plank


Remember when planking was a thing? We fitness folk haven’t forgotten – a great exercise for developing core strength around the back!

But, this is yet another one that people get wrong with bad form – sagging at the hips or raising your bum too high.

Keep those legs straight and raise those hips, to create a rigid line from head to toe. Position your elbows, so your shoulders are directly above them, keep your abs contracted and feel the burn! Just don’t allow your lower back to sink.

5. Lat Pulldown

Lat pulldown

Now this one is a dangerous one – the bar on a lat machine needs to be brought down in FRONT of the neck, not behind it.

That’s a correct lat pulldown, which protects your back. Another quick item to note; if you’re arching your back as you pull down, that’s a good indicator you’re lifting too much.

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