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10 Gym Exercise You Are Probably Doing WRONG Page 4

4. Squat Lift

Squat lift

From our past poll, there seems to be some serious squatters out there… No, not those kinds of squatters – people feeling the muscular burn.

But it’s also a very easy exercise to get wrong, as the most common issue is people putting too much pressure on the lower back by not pushing their chests out.

You need to keep your back in a neutral position throughout the entire exercise, otherwise you risk strain and injury. Not sure about about your position? Imagine sitting back on a chair while keeping that back straight!

3. Chest Press

Chest press

The chest press – loved by many-a-grunting beefcake in the gym, but done wrong so many times.

If you see someone failing to keep their shoulders back and down, resulting in them lifting the weight just below chest height, show them how to really press!

Keep your shoulders back and down, contract your abs throughout, maintain a natural arch in your back and never lock your elbows while raising the weight.

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