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10 Gym Exercise You Are Probably Doing WRONG Page 5

2. Stomach Crunches

Stomach Crunch

The classic crunch of the stomach. If you’re tucking your chin into your chest or raising yourself too high off the floor, something needs to change!

All of the work should come from the abs. If you’re feeling any strain in the neck, you’re doing it wrong.

Don’t tuck, contract your abs throughout the exercise and do not jerk your head off the floor.

1. Bicep Curls

Bicep Curls

Looking for those big upper arms? Turns our you’re in a popular crowd, all wanting the same thing but not so sure how to do one properly.

The most common error was a simple one – trying to lift way too much. This engages the shoulders and reduces the burn on your biceps.

As your shoulders lurch forward to support the weight, that can cause injury. Stand tall and lift a weight you can actually handle. You can go to those big weights when you’re ready.

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