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10 Easy, Healthy Cooking Tips for Lazy People

Cooking – it’s not for everyone, and HEALTHY cooking?  Let’s just say it can be… challenging… especially when you have neither the time or the willpower to learn how to cook food that’s actually good for you.

But don’t worry, lazy chefs, we’ve put together our top 10 healthy, lazy cooking hacks so you can eat right and feel great without much fuss.

1. Switch sugar for natural sweeteners

Sugar isn’t the devil – like so many people would have you believe – but too much of it can have huge impacts on your overall well-being, health and weight.

Think about it, if you put 2 sugars in your brew and have, say, 3 brews a day – that’s 6 teaspoons of sugar already in your system before you even start adding up the amount in your food.

And considering you should really only consume a maximum of 7 teaspoons of sugar a day… well, it’s pretty obvious isn’t it.

Opt instead for natural sweeteners like stevia, honey or coconut sugar.  Not only will they add a little sweetness, but they’ll add a little extra health boost at the same time.

Healthy Cooking

2. Invest in a slow cooker

Seriously, this is one kitchen gadget you won’t regret at all, and they’re not that pricey.  What they are, however, is a lazy chef lifesaver

Cooking with one of these gems is simple particularly on days you’re pushed for time.  Just toss all your ingredients into the cooker in the morning, put the heat on low and leave it alone while you go about your daily business.

Then, when you come home, you’ll have a hearty meal ready made so you can just tuck in and enjoy.

FYI – it’s amazing for cooking meats like our Free Range Braising Steaks as it leaves the meat unbelievably tender…

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