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10 Surprising Signs You Don’t Get Enough Protein Page Two

3. Your hair is thinning

thinning hair

Attention people! Protein isn’t just essential for muscle growth and development – it’s also the building blocks of our cells. These cells include our hair.

If you’re not having enough protein in your diet, your body will work to retain what little protein remains by entering a “resting phase” or sorts.

That will resort in your hair stopping to grow and maybe thinning out, but that’s not all…

4. Your skin is peeling

peeling skin

Another visible sign of protein deficiency is peeling skin. The skin barrier is weakened with the lack of protein, resulting in flaky, irritated skin.

Same as above, your body goes into energy preservation mode, keeping the tiny amounts of protein that exist in your body, not being used to support your skin.

That means skin irritation will become more common…

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