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10 Surprising Signs You Don’t Get Enough Protein

  • Protein is a crucial supply of energy for your body, helping you recover post-workout

  • Adequate protein intake is essential to a healthy balanced diet, and many people say they eat enough…

  • But is that the case? Do you have a protein-rich diet?

  • Here are some of the surprising signs that you may have a protein deficiency

1. You feel tired all the time

protein shake

You already know the feeling – overexerting yourself at the gym and failing to get enough sleep will result in a morning-long state of tiredness.

Now take that feeling, and drag it over the whole day… If you’re feeling like you fancy a nap mid-afternoon, that’s a good sign you’re not getting enough sugar or (more importantly to this article) protein.

When it comes to a time like this, don’t worry – just reach for that protein bar and watch yourself bounce back.

2. You often get sick

feeling sick

Protein is key to a healthy immune system, and a deficiency leaves you susceptible to colds and flus.

Especially at a time now, where winter is slowly starting to roll in, protein is more important than ever. But not even for the colds, your body may also take longer to recover from the likes of cuts and scrapes!

Snack up, add some more meat, do something if this is happening.

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