10 Ways To Stay Healthy On A Night Out And STILL Enjoy Yourself

So picture the scene – it’s your birthday and the plan is to eat our and party hard. You want to celebrate and be sociable, but those damn macros get in the way…

What if there was a way to still make the most of a night out and stay healthy throughout it? Well we’re here to say THERE ARE 10 WAYS! So without further ado, let’s get started.

People eating at a restaurant

1. Drink water throughout your night

Make a ground rule before you even leave the house – replace those sugar-sweetened drinks with water, and be sure to have a cup after every alcoholic beverage.

One study has shown that people who drank half a litre of water 30 minutes before their meal are fewer calories and lost 44% more weight.

2. Chow down a healthy snack before you turn up

Turn up hungry to a restaurant at your own peril… You may end up eating too much, so fix this by fixing up a quick healthy snack before you get there.

Studies show a high protein, low cal snack could help you feel fuller and prevent overeating.

Reading menu at restaurant

3. Read the menu before the big night

Have you done your homework? If not, that plan to eat healthy could fly out of the window before you even order!

Just looking at and smelling everyone else’s amazing food can make it nearly impossible to stick to the plan, especially if you are hungry. Check out the restaurant’s website and plan ahead.

4. Order your meal before everyone else

Look, we get it – it feels rude to pipe in and order away when the waiter/waitress asks “are you ready to order?” British politeness states we let someone else go first, but you need to get in there fast!

Your choices and eating behaviour can be >highly influenced by everyone else at the table, so if you go first then the problem of grabbing something unhealthy is solved…

5. Check the sauces and ask for them on the side

Watch out! That sauce or dressing could add a lot of extra fat and calories to your meal, so ask for it on the side.

That way you can use as much as you want to keep your macros happy…

6. Slow down and savour your food

Slow down there, motor-mouth! Chewing your food thoroughly and eating slower can help you feel fuller quicker, helping you eat less.

Plus you don’t want to rush through the beautiful food you get, so sit back and enjoy. You deserve to!

Man pouring water at restaurant

7. Avoid sugar-sweetened drinks

The main offender in healthy eating plans is consuming way too much sugar, which can be pretty bad for us…

So chill out on that full fat coke and just go for a healthier alternative while eating out, like water!

8. Order two starters instead of a main

Face it – if a big portion is in front of you, chances are you will eat it. Studies show that people will be more likely to overeat if they have bigger portions.

So instead of steering into the skid and ordering a massive meal, try ordering two starters instead. This could fill you up without going mental on the calorie intake.

9. Go for the smaller measure or alcohol with low-calorie mixers

Dinner’s over and it’s onto the bars… Don’t get the beers in – that’s mistake #1!

Choose spirits like gin, vodka or whisky along with a diet fizzy drink for a deliciously low cal mixer.

People dancing in night club

10. Dance like nobody is watching

Now you’ve made it to the club! This is the part where the night gets a little blurry… Take the time to get down on the dancefloor and burn off those excess calories.

According to Harvard Health Publications, people who weigh 125 pounds will burn off about 180 calories with 30 minutes of fast dancing. If you weigh 155 pounds, that amount goes up to 223 calories…

So whether you’re dabbing all over the shop or embarrassing your friends with a pitiful Gangnam Style attempt (guilty), don’t be a downer and get jiggy with it!

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