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11 Mistakes YOU’RE Making At The Squat Rack

Picture this…

You walk into a gym, a relatively busy gym, and notice that one piece of golden equipment is free.  It's almost never free.  Even on those days when it's just you and that old man on the static bike watching TV.

It's practically glowing in your mind and you swear blind you can hear the song of angels emanating from its rack like glory.

So, reverently, you approach.  Making sure not to draw too much attention just in case someone, somewhere also notices that the rack of squat is empty.  You finally reach your destination, load the bar and… make an absolute mess of it.

You'd be surprise how often this is the case, even by seasoned lifters, so whether you've just started out or have been lifting for a while, so ensure you don't embarrass yourself by making one of these common mistakes…

1. Your Feet

This is probably the most common mistake people make - incorrect foot positioning. The general rule of thumb is that your feet should be shoulder width apart and parallel to the bar or slightly turned out.

2. Bar Height

After the feet comes the height of the bar on your neck. 

In a nut shell, the bar should be at the top of your back, not at the base of your neck.  It's a matter of cm in this case but it makes all the difference.

It also depends on the individual's body structure but what you don’t want to do is put unnecessary strain on your neck and spine so aim for the bar to sit low across your shoulders.

3. Lower Back

Sticking with your back, many people round theirs when squatting.  This puts a strain on the spine and can lead to serious lower back injuries - slipped disc anyone?

Instead, your lower back should be slightly arched as this gives the most power.  It also ensures positive activation of the glutes, quads, core and all the supporting muscles.

By maintaining a more upright position your internal pressure will be maintained and encourage you to fully engage every muscle group throughout the movement which is essential for an effective squat.

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