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A 2500 Calories Christmas Dinner? It’s Doable! Here’s How…

A 2500 Calories Christmas Dinner? It’s Doable! Here’s How…

First things first, Christmas only rolls around once a year and we whole heartedly believe it should be enjoyed to the fullest.

That being said, if you’ve just spent the past twelve months getting yourself into shape, we understand you may not want to have a major blow out on the big day.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that if you do, one day of indulgence isn’t going to ruin your fitness gains.

However, for those of you who do wish to keep their calorie intake somewhat in check on Christmas day, read on, because we’ve come up with a few ingenious ways to keep you on track WITHOUT ruining all that festive fun.

Start Your Day Right

Breakfast on Christmas morning can, and should, be a real treat.

But rather than over indulge first thing with Philli covered bagels, smoked salmon, Christmas waffles, special pancakes and that glass of Buck’s Fizz, there are a few swaps you can make to keep breakfast special and delicious.

For example, instead of that calorie, fat laden bagel, opt for some scrummy scrambled eggs topped with smoked salmon – 350kcal.

You could even swap your Christmas waffles for a healthier low fat muffin crammed with anti-oxidant rich blueberries and bananas – 210kcal.

And of course, if you simply MUST have pancakes, why not create some tasty protein pancakes instead – 230kcal.

Time To Feast

Time To Feast

YES, it’s here. The moment you’ve been waiting for all year.

Now is the time you can sit down and tuck into the most almighty cheat meal of the year, whoop – but if you want to enjoy it without feeling like a stuffed turkey by the end, then follow these simple rules…

1. Soup for starter

Choosing a soup as a starter will not only help keep your calories low but it’ll also not fill you up too much meaning you can enjoy every bite of that Turkey Roast. A classic lentil soup made with ham stock is ideal – 180kcal.

2. Protein

When it comes to the main meal itself, look carefully at your plate and start with your favourite macro… protein.

By filling your plate with an abundance of turkey (300kcal), roast beef, gammon, salmon or even all of the above, you’ll be less likely to over indulge on the roasties.

3. Veg

After you’ve piled that lovely protein nice and high make a beeline for the vegcarrots (70kcal), creamed spinach (85kcal), Brussels (85kcal), the lot! – by filling your plate with your favourite festive veg you’ll be keeping your fats and carbs in check.

4. Spuds

OK, so, you may WANT all the roasties, but do you really NEED all the roasties?  Most likely not, so be objective and choose two roasties (170kcal) instead of four…

We don’t really need to explain why, do we…?

Most importantly, you must remember that all of the above is relative to portion size; all food comes with a caloric price tag…


There isn’t a traditional Christmas pudding in the world that is low in calories, they just don’t exist, and that’s AOK with us.

But if the thought of filling up that last bit of space in your tummy with a Plum Pudding leaves you feeling queasy why not try one of these alternatives instead?

  • Mince pies with single cream – 200kcal
  • Clementine & Prosecco jelly – 120kcal
  • Individual Rhubarb & Strawberry meringue pies – 160kcal

All of the above are light, low(er) on the calories and guaranteed to tickle the taste buds of all whom munch them – delish!

Let’s Talk Drinks

Let’s Talk Drinks

One of the reasons so many of us go way, way, way overboard on our calorie intake on Christmas day is because of alcohol.

Yes, it’s a day of celebration and letting lose, but waking up on Boxing Day with a pounding headache because you drank too many beers is not going to be fun.

So, instead of choosing a crate of stella, try something a little more festive like Mulled Cider – 180kcal.

A fan of a Prosecco? Make yourself up a classic Buck’s Fizz instead – 150kcal.

Fancy a G&T? Make it extra special with some fresh cucumber and a little coriander for added oomph – 101kcal.

Nightime Nibbles

There’s always room for a little more on Christmas evening – right? So snack yourself happy with some healthier chocolate chip cookies (100kcal), Pesto with Proscuitto dippers (180kcal) or heaps of leftovers.

But most of all, enjoy your day of feasting and frolicking with those who matter most, and if you do go a bit over board – who cares?

You can always get back on track on Boxing Day by putting those extra calories to good use and going for an early morning jog…

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