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Three SimpleReasons You're Still Not Getting Toned.

Written by Matt Cooper Apex Fitness Systems

One for the ladies!

Okay, we admit, we're not exactly fans of the word 'toned'


We absolutely get what it means, and what it looks like.

So, you've been putting in the hours at the gym, and eating well, so why have you still not achieved that much sought after ‘look’?

Summers coming, so let Apex shine some light on things…

Exercise: Ab Crunches

1 - You need to put on more muscle.

Yep, you read correctly.

I know you just want to ‘tone’, but the vast majority of times that actually involves putting muscle on.

Every single women who has that strong, defined and lean look will have had to put on a substantial amount of muscle over time.

Worried about getting big and bulky?

Don't be.

You will not gain muscle at anywhere near the rate that a male can.

This isn't me saying that you shouldn't do any cardio, you absolutely should.

But, it shouldn't be the bulk of your training.

So, start investing time in lifting weights, and don't be afraid of the idea of gaining muscle.

Which leads me on to reason number 2…

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