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3 Very Effective Ways To Lose Fat and Keep It Off

By George Platt

measuring tracking weight loss

Everybody wants to know how to lose fat. Many people try, but a large quantity fail... so I've put together this article to inform you about some of the most effective ways to go about losing fat and keeping it off!

1:Lift Weights and Increase Your Muscle Mass

Improving Your Body Composition

It may seem slightly odd that I’m suggesting you should increase your muscle mass, however a body composition holding more muscle will burn calories quicker and have a faster metabolism.

This means that if two physiques were compared and both had the same weight and height, yet one had a body fat percentage of 20 and the other had a body fat percentage of 10, the person with the higher body fat percentage would have a slower metabolism and burn fat at a slower pace.

Not only does holding more muscle on your physique make losing fat easier, it also makes it easier to maintain a healthier body composition, as the exercise you perform will count towards your TDEE and burn calories.

TDEE stands for "Total Daily Energy Expenditure", which is the total amount of energy (calories) your body burns in one day.

This number is influenced by your height, weight, age, sex, body fat percentage and activity level, and it is completely unique to you.

Muscle is far more dense than fat, which means the person with a lower body fat percentage will be slimmer and more athletic looking, compared to the person with a higher body fat percentage who will be less defined and physically larger, especially around the mid-section.

measuring tracking weight loss

Decrease 'Belly Fat'

One of the reasons people with higher body fat percentages have more fat around their mid-section is a build up of visceral fat. Visceral fat is the fat stored around your organs deep within your abdominal cavity; this fat is dangerous and is linked with serious health issues including coronary heart disease, dementia and diabetes.

Without performing any resistance exercise in order to promote hypertrophy, the body is more susceptible to gaining visceral fat due to its lack of options regarding where to supply blood sugar after insulin is released post-eating.

People who participate in weight training have a lower body fat percentage and higher level of muscle mass. Having more muscle means the body can utilise the remaining blood sugars quickly, rather than making no use of them after the body has used all the energy it needs for brain and tissue functions.

Whereas a person with less muscle mass and a higher percentage of body fat will store the unused blood sugars as fat, and where there’s already such a large amount of fat this will increase their amount of visceral fat as well.

By lifting weights and decreasing your body fat percentage you’ll lose fat from around your mid-section and become healthier.

Visceral fat will have less of a chance to form if you’re lifting weights consistently and building your muscles, as the excess blood sugars you consume will be used to aid muscle functions.

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