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4 Reasons Why You Want To Give Up Your January Diet
(And Why It Gets BETTER)

By Matt Cooper of Apex Fitness Systems.

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So we're in the second month of the year.

For many, that means the second month of the dreaded January diet.

I'm not going to sit here and patronise you by telling you that you're silly for starting a diet in January.

Right about now you'll be getting enough condescending side eye from work colleagues and family members.

Instead, I want to help you understand just a few of the reasons why you may feel demotivated in the early stages of your diet, and why, if you stay the course, every single one of those reasons get easier.

1 - Your hunger levels seem impossible to manage.

Why it sucks right now:

Your appetite is regulated by an intricate signalling system between your stomach and your brain. As with many signalling systems, it likes to naturally sit in a nice predictable rhythm.

Going into a diet, your body is used to a given portion size, and it’s used to getting these portions at a given time of the day.

Any break from this pattern, and your body is going to signal that you’re hungry, even if there is no real need for food at this time.

This is going to suck.

Why it will get better:

Like with any pattern, through repetition, slowly but surely your pattern will reset.

You need to understand that in the early stages of a diet, you feel mentally hungry much more than you feel actual physical hunger.

But over time, those feelings subside.

Over time, your hunger pattern will reset to the given amount of food you provide it.

Stay the course, your body is learning, so keep teaching it

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