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You’re NOT as Strong as You Think - 4 Secrets to Real Strength REVEALED

By John Clark

With 9 years of industry experience under his belt, John Clark has quickly become a huge support to a wide range of people as a fully qualified trainer. As the owner and head coach at FIT3SIXTY
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In the world of strength, we all have this desire for a secret method, formula or even a secret supplement that will help you achieve your goals…

If we see someone looking strong and powerful on Facebook, it’s often accompanied with numerous commenters asking, “What programme are you using?” Almost as if they have stumbled upon the holy grail of training methods.

The truth is this “secret formula” to becoming a good or successful strongman is quite simple:

Technical proficiency + a training plan that suits you + good nutrition + hard work = Progress!

4 Secrets to real strength

You'll even continue to burn through at least 800 calories for 48 hours post workout stripping those pesky pounds with ease!

Here Kettlebell King Jamie Lloyd explains…

Technique, Technique, Technique

Technical proficiency with the lifts is often overlooked. Everyone thinks they are an expert, but no-one is willing to learn, adapt and understand more about their own personal lifting technique.

Too many coaches are selling a “one-size fits all” approach to deadlift and squat technique. People also blindly copy styles of the strongest men on the planet.

Man lifting weights with proper technique

Unfortunately, if you aren’t built like them, it probably won’t help you. Personal limb length, biomechanics and weaknesses should play a role in how you lift and how you move. The sooner you can understand the best way to lift for YOU, the quicker progress you will make.

Starting out, I had a 200kg deadlift. I added weight consistently to it over an 18-month period, joining the 300 club with pretty poor technique and I just couldn’t seem to improve any further.

It wasn’t until I began to really understand the intricacies of it all that my deadlift then rocketed - going from 300kgs to 400kgs in a short space of time.

Don’t misunderstand this… Technique isn’t “everything,” because there was a huge amount of focused programming and hard work behind it! But none of that would have made a difference if I was self-sabotaging, because I was trying to copy someone else’s technique instead of finding my own.

The Right Training Plan

There are a huge amount of training plans out there - standardised programmes that will work for newbies, and most of the general population of strength athletes. They are generally built around solid scientific principles and will increase your strength on the most part.

the right training plan

However, you need to find a training plan that is right for you. Sure, any plan should show some improvement (as the old phrase says, “any programme will do”), but it will only do so if you can follow it. The best plan is the one you can stick to.

I see so many athletes show me their beautifully written #beastmode session plans, 2 hours of training, 7 days a week that they think is based around solid science. They then last just three days and then have to cut out over half of it as their body is a mess, they’re sore beyond measure and there’s just too much. Turns out you can overtrain…

Work with a coach or someone adept at writing customised programmes. If you can’t afford it or don’t want to, then realistically consider what you can fit into the times of the week you train?

Analyse previous success - what has or hasn’t worked? Using all these things you can start to construct the right programme that will work for you - something you can stick to.

Stop Permabulking

stop permabulking

Apparently being a strength athlete for many has become an excuse to be overweight. Following 10,000 calorie-a-day diets when you’re not training with the same volume and intensity as the pros is good for one thing - putting on pointless weight that offers limited to no carry over to your sport.

It’s quite simple to calculate how many calories you need to maintain your current body mass. You can alter the calorie goal depending on what you want to achieve, but training for strength shouldn’t be an excuse to adopt the “I see food and I eat it” diet.

Food is fuel. You wouldn’t put diesel in a Ferrari so stop putting fried breakfasts and copious calories in your engine and then expecting it to perform with maximum intensity.

Eat well and eat within your calories rather than splurging continually in the search of more bodyweight. Be a strong man, not a kind of strong fat man.

Do The Work

do the work

This sounds obvious, but the strongest people on this planet aren’t that way through luck, genetics or an expert coach. Yes those things help, but what they all have in common - they do the work.

Strength training is hard. It’s all consuming. It’s hard to continually motivate yourself to lift up heavy objects multiple times and that’s where the laziness creeps in.

If you convince yourself I’ll just do 2 sets instead of 3, 5 reps instead of 8, add it all up over time and you’re cheating yourself of not just a couple of reps but huge amounts of cumulative load and volume.

Finding a good team to train with and having good people around you is a really easy fix, but they are hard to find. I train mostly alone and understand the challenge it poses… Instead, focus on the process - do the work and the outcome will take care of itself.

So as you can see, the “secret to strongman success” is simple. Add all of these together and you’re likely to see success, progress and better results.

John Clark

About John

With 9 years of industry experience under his belt, John Clark has quickly become a huge support to a wide range of people as a fully qualified trainer.

As the owner and head coach at FIT3SIXTY, his passion to help people change their body, health and fitness continues beyond his BSc (Hons) Sports and Exercise Science from University of Worcester.

Plus, he’s no stranger to the big stage – being a National level Strongman Competitor, Britain’s Natural Strongest Man and 8th Strongest Man in England.

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