British Red Tractor Assurance is available on selected products.

Our high welfare British Veal is RSPCA Assured.

  • UKAS APROVED Nutritionals
  • SAVE £19.80 compared to onsite
  • From Just 88p per meal
  • Create up to 51 Tasty Meals
  • Independently Lab Tested
  • Items with just 0.4g of Fat
  • UKAS APROVED Nutritionals
  • SAVE £19.80 compared to onsite
  • From Just 88p per meal
  • Create up to 51 Tasty Meals
  • Independently Lab Tested
  • Items with just 0.4g of Fat

All this for £25:

  • 24 x 200g Premium Chicken Breasts
  • 2 x 170g Free Range Rump Steaks
  • 2 x 170g Beef Hache Steaks
  • 4 x 4oz Lean Steak Burgers
  • 8 x 50g Chicken Mini Fillets
  • 12 x 57g Giant Great british Lean Meatballs
  • 6 x 75g Premium Low Fat Sausages
  • 1 x 30g Grillstock Seasoning

Including FREE DPD Delivery:

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Super Chilled Delivery:

Our unique packaging is independently tested to keep your super tasty, lean meats at the right temperature for 48 hours. With years of experience and thousands of happy customers we KNOW how to ensure your order gets to you in perfect condition.

46 Piece Money Saving Selection:

2.5kg Premium Chicken Breast Fillets

The only chicken breasts in the history of the Great Taste Awards to receive an award - 2014 Great Taste Award winner! Each breast weighs in at an impressive 200-250g meaning you will receive 10-12 fillets per 2.5kg pack!

• Weight: 2.5kg
• 22.0g Protein per 100g
• 0.4g Fat per 100g

2 x 6-7oz Free Range Rump Steaks

Packed with natural protein and intense beefy flavour, our matured Rump Steaks are a brilliant natural way to help you build muscle and aid quick muscle recovery.

• Weight: 12-14oz
• 23.1g Protein per 100g
• 3.0g Fat per 100g

2 x 6-7oz Free Range Hache Steaks

Straight from the tender Thick Flank of 100% Free Range British and Irish cattle, introducing our brand new Centre Cut Steak - sliced thinly for ultimate cooking convenience.

• Weight: 12-14oz
• 21.5g Protein per 100g
• 2.3g Fat per 100g

2 x 4oz Extra Lean Steak Burgers

These are proper burgers, made with 90% lean steak trimmings and taste out of this world - we have classed them as treats, but they are still leaner than most supermarket burgers!

• Weight: 8oz
• 19.6g Protein per 100g
• 4.8g Fat per 100g

8 x 50g Chicken Mini Fillets

Ready to skewer and pop on the BBQ, our deliciously lean Chicken Mini Fillets are packed with protein and made using 100% hand-trimmed Great Taste Award winning breast meat.

• Weight: 400g
• 22.0g Protein per 100g
• 0.4g Fat per 100g

20 x 20g Lean British Meatballs

Three words - Free. Range. MEATBALLS! Deliciously free range, 100% grass fed and certified Gluten Free with a tasty 19.6g of protein per 100g - how could you resist?

• Weight: 400g
• 19.6g Protein per 100g
• 4.8g Fat per 100g

6 x 75g Low Fat Pork Sausages

Oh yes… Juicy pork sausages are BACK on the menu, sausages sandwiches all round?! With LESS than 1g fat per sausage you can finally enjoy a gorgeous, authentic meaty pork sausage without ruining you macros!

• Weight: 454g
• 19.8g Protein per 100g
• 1.2g Fat per 100g

1 x 30g Grillstock Seasoning

Ramp up the flavour of your favourite meats this summer by adding a rip rawin’ southern twist with this delicious Deep South Seasoning.

• RRP: £1.50
• Overall Weight: 30g
• 20.7g Protein per 100g

Lovingly produced by our British & Irish farmers...

Noel is one of the men behind our mouth-wateringly taste beef. Like all our farmers, Noel wants to make you happy with outstanding produce, and believes that starts with ensuring his cattle are happy.

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2.5kg Premium Chicken Breasts

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Extra Lean Free Range Steak Mince - 3 x 400g

3 x Extra Lean Beef Mince 400g

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British Liquid Egg Whites 3x1 Litre Carton

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Wholemeal Protein Bread – 1 Loaf 

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