Lick-Out™ The World’s First Lickable Technology
Open The App, Lick Your Phone, Taste The Goodness

Open the Muscle Food App on your mobile phone or tablet device


Search for your product or use the inbuilt scanning system to scan your item


Lick Your Phone


Step Back, Close Your Eyes and taste your food

I’m a Fussy Eater, With this app I can now get a taste of all the exciting products on MuscleFood before I go onto try

Callum Melotte – MuscleFood Customer

About this Amazing App

At Musclefood we’re always looking at innovative ways to make our customer experience as easy and as enjoyable as possible. During our latest customer research, one of the biggest issues that was highlighted was the fact that due to the amount of products on site, customers never knew what options to choose.

Customer sampling is a huge market in the supermarkets & while being online it’s something we cannot do. However, our developers have been hard at work for the last 18 months and have come up with RyamieTM – The World’s first ever-lickable taste testing technology – Using this technology we than went on to create the Lickout™ app.

How Safe Is the App?

Over the past few months, Lickout TM has gone through the extensive taste testing to ensure its safety on works on most modern phones and tablets.

We are aware that it might be highly addictive and that some users may over lick to curb appetite.


To maintain performance of your device please wipe down your phone after licking.

Those with extra moist tongues (i.e. dogs and some humans) should exercise caution.