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5 Proven Caffeine-Free Ways To Wake Yourself Up

  • When somebody needs to perk up, people immediately reach for the coffee.
  • But did you realise there are plenty of ways to wake yourself up sans caffeine?
  • Here are 5 proven ways to recharge those batteries without touching a cuppa!
Woman sunrise

Winter is drawing in, and it’s getting harder and harder to keep your energy up. In times like this, most people will resort to the classic giant cup of black coffee to perk up.

However, did you know there are plenty of other effective ways of waking yourself up without the need of spiking your levels with Caffeine. That means you can feel all the energy without the post-coffee comedown (don’t lie, we all face this)!

So, without further ado, here are 5 simple ways to wake yourself up sans caffeine.

1. Swap Caffeine for Carbs

bowl of cereal

This simple dietary shift is simple when you think of it. For sustained energy, a cup of joe isn’t going to do anywhere near as good as a good meal.

Carbs and fibre will work to control your blood sugar, giving you a slow release of energy throughout the day. Pair this with protein and healthy fat to keep you full, and you’re sure of being perked up quick!

So when it comes to those mornings, shun that cuppa and go for a bowl of our Protein Crunchies – to really give your protein and carbs a healthy boost. Add some berries for extra flavour and nourishing nutrients.

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