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5 Proven Caffeine-Free Ways To Wake Yourself Up Page Two

2. Paint your nails red

woman with red nails

Okay, so this sounds a bit weird. But some University research has shown that just seeing the colour red can give you a temporary burst of speed and strength.

I know – crazy! Conducted by the University of Rochester, while this theory wasn’t fully tested in a lab, they had collected evidence to theorise that looking at anything the colour of rubies and hot peppers will, in fact, perk you up.

So, some cherry-red nails should do the trick!

3. Have a laugh

People laughing

Laughing has been proven to boost your blood flow within roughly 15 minutes – sure to wake you up!

Sit back with a funny YouTube video in the morning (I recommend some of the ‘try not to laugh’ challenge videos) and have a chuckle to yourself.

Laughing will boost mental and physical health, so don’t wake up grumpy!

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