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5 Proven Caffeine-Free Ways To Wake Yourself Up Page Three

4. Light up your early mornings

woman waking up

Turns out the saying “rise and shine” actually has some legitimacy to it…

Firstly, sunlight is one of your body’s strongest signals to wake up – shaking the cobwebs off the brain and putting things in motion by decreasing drowsiness.

But wait! What about now it’s nearly winter? The nights are longer and most of us are waking up in the dark…

Well, dear reader, I recommend you take a look for a light therapy box. These little beauties can recreate that sunrise on your face in the morning, providing a happy awakening in the darkest of days.

5. Enjoy all the Lolcats you can

I can haz wakeup? Well, with a batch of online cat videos, you are sure to wake up and be full of positive (pawsitive…) energy!

According to a study by Indiana University Media School, watching cats do the most ridiculous things encourages happy emotions and greater energy levels.

So, bookmark this page, chock full of lolcat goodness and enjoy the best wakeups of your life…

Also, if you’re a dog person, we’ve put some pupper craziness just below!

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