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5 Foods That Will Get You In The Mood For V-Day!

Valentine's Day Chocolates

There's been a long established connection between food and amorous antics - oysters anyone? But can you really eat your way to better sex?

Turns out, yes, yes you can!

And with Valentine's Day here, we've come up with a list of foods known to boost your sex drive so you can have lots and lots and lots of fun between the sheets - oooh er…

Better yet, the following proven aphrodisiacs won't break the bank balance - happy days!

Oh, and just a wee note - if you're trying to ensure you reach your daily cardio targets, there's no better (or pleasurable) way to do just that than with some sexy time.

It's true, sex has been shown to make your heart race, ramp up your metabolic rate, burn calories and even strengthen muscles - just like a good old cardio session.

Now we can certainly get behind that...

Sexy Food

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