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5 Olympic Sports You Can Use To Totally Turbo Boost Your Workout

  • With the 2016 Olympics in full force, we’re seeing a tour de force of peak fitness.
  • But did you know some of these sports can be used to amp up your workout?
  • Jason England details the top five Olympic sports that can totally turbo boost your workout.
  • Have a flick through and tell us your favourite in the poll at the end!

The Rio Olympics are in full force - regardless of controversy surrounding junk food sponsorship and the real success (or lack thereof) of the 2012 Olympics, we’re seeing amazing examples of peak fitness.

That’s because for these athletes, their respective sports are an incredible total body workout!

You see a lot of people call themselves “athletic” with very top/bottom heavy physiques, but these guys and girls have the whole package.

So why not apply these to your own workout for a real turbo boost of athletic performance? Here are five Olympic sports you should really make part of your fitness plan.

1. Triathlon (Swim, Run, Bike)

Olympic Triathlon

The classic triathlon is an AMAZING total-body workout.

Cross-training multiple areas in the body means your muscles don’t settle to a particular workout – leading to greater gains in mass and loss of fat. Not only this, but triathlon training is great cardio!

What this type of exercise will do is create something called muscle confusion – your muscle tissue will not be able to adapt to your workouts, as you’re continuously keeping it fresh by switching between swimming, running and cycling.

All you have to do is add these three to your workout, probably a couple times a week. You’ll feel HUGE benefits in cardiovascular and endurance fitness!


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