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5 Surprising Benefits To Drinking Alcohol-Free Beer!

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There's nothing better than sitting down with a frosty one at the end of a long, hard, slog of a day. However, for a long, long time, the drinking culture here in the UK has relied on the presence of alcohol in that beer or glass of wine.

I mean, why drink if there's no alcohol – right?

The thing is, times are changing and with the relatively recent boom in fitness, people appear to be enjoying the benefits of drinking a pint and socialising without the addition of a blasted hangover from hell the next day.

Which is awesome! Because recent research has shown that going alcohol-free has numerous health benefits.

Better yet, you can STILL enjoy that beer with the latest invention by Heineken!

Yep, the geniuses at one of the world's most loved beer brands have finally unveiled their new 0.0 Lager Beer, which is unlike any other alcohol-free beer on the market today.

You see, rather than just producing a run of mill "that'll do" beer, the master brewers at Heineken started from zero and spent years brewing, exploring and crafting before finally settling on a recipe designed to give maximum beer satisfaction sans alcohol.

It's characterised by refreshing fruity notes, a soft malty body and is perfectly balanced thanks to the natural ingredients.

Furthermore, you will receive a FREE SAMPLE of said beer with every Muscle Food order so you can taste the deliciousness yourself – hooray!

But enough of that, let's chat benefits of choosing an alcohol-free drink over an alcoholic one…

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