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5 Ways Eating Cheese Can Help You Lose Weight!

Cheese really is the bees knees. In fact, according to one survey, more people would rather have a lifetime supply of the pongy stuff over a lifetime supply of chocolate – of course this is only if they have to choose.

The thing is, if you’re trying to drop a few pounds you probably think cheese has to go from your diet, but we’ve some excellent news for all you brie-illiant cheese lovers out there.

Cheese can actually help you lose weight! The secret to making it work for you is all in how you use it…

  • 1. Mozzarella over Crisps

    If you love nothing more than having a wee sneaky savoury snack of crisps to fulfil your cravings then this is the cheesy solution for you. Mozzarella!

    One ounce of full fat Mozzarella contains about 80 odd calories, which is far less than the typical 200 you’d chow down in a pack of crisps. Plus you’ll be filling your body with some extra tasty protein, which is way more satiating than a starchy crisp.

    In fact, according to the British Journal of Nutrition, fitness fans who consumed a high protein, moderate calorie cheesy snack ate less at their next meal, giving you better control over your calories and cravings.

  • 2. Mascarpone over Butter

    You’ve most likely seen Mascarpone topping fancy pizzas or know if it as the cheese you use to make your Carrot Cake icing, but it can actually make for quite a fabulous butter substitute too.

    And when you consider that one tablespoon of Mascarpone has 62 calories compared to the 102 you’d find in the same amount of butter (40% LESS!), you’ll be eating your way into that calorie deficit in delicious style indeed!

    Plus it’s super creamy…mmmmmmmm

  • 3. Ricotta over Crème Fraîche

    There’s something about fruit and Crème Fraîche that makes it all seem a little bit naughty and indulgent, which is fab! What’s not so fab is the 100 calories and 11g of fat you eat in just one ounce of the stuff – not great for losing a few pounds.

    However, Ricotta contains about 40 calories, two grams of fat and three grams of protein! Plus it’s creamy, smooth and super delicious…

  • 4. Cream Cheese over Mayo

    Making yourself a sarnie? Swap your fatty, high calorie mayo for light, fluffy and super creamy cream cheese instead. By making this simply swap you’ll naturally consume up to 60 calories and 7.5g of fat less.

    Seriously - one tablespoon of full fat mayo has roughly 95 calories and 10g of fat, whereas one tablespoon of cream cheese has just 30 calories and 2.5g fat!

  • 5. Cottage Cheese over Hummus

    Cottage Cheese is the cheese of choice for many an athlete, bodybuilder or general fitness fan. It’s low calorie, high protein and tastes… great… if you like that sort of thing.

    In fact, one per cent fat cottage cheese has just 20 calories per ounce compared to 50 calories in the same amount of hummus, so next time you’re hosting a suaré toss the hummus for the cottage cheese and dip yourself to weight loss town!

Of course, nothing beats a classic whack of creamy Cheddar, especially in a cheese and tomato toasty with some caramelised onion relish – NOM. Alas, too much of that classic creamy cheddar and you might as well toss your weight loss goals out of the window.

The good news is we have the solution for you Cheddar fans – Eatlean Protein Cheese!

High in protein, big on taste, this stunning Cheddar cheese contains up to 37% MORE protein and 97% LESS fat than a standard supermarket Cheddar.

The best thing is that it’s made just like any other regular Cheddar using 100% natural British cow’s milk on a real dairy farm in Cheshire.

It also tastes like the BOMB with a strong character certain to tickle your taste buds to satisfaction overload. Plus, it melts like a dream – perfect for those cheese toasties!

Available now from yours truly in four styles:

  • 350g Block
  • 200g Block
  • 180g Grated Pack
  • 210g Snack Bars

Eatlean Protein Cheese is the future of all cheese – so what are you waiting for?! Get yours today before it all sells out!

Eatlean Protein Cheese
Eatlean Protein Cheese available NOW! – 97% LESS fat, 37% MORE protein, creamy cheddar flavour!
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