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5 Ways To Avoid That Winter Workout Rut

  • Even the most motivated of us out there face the challenge of training when its Winter

  • The urge is real to just hibernate when the colder months roll around – either with the temptation of good TV or not really wanting to face the freezing temperatures

  • So how do you avoid the winter workout rut? Jason England goes through five ways

workout in the winter

In the words of Eddard Stark: “Winter is coming.” And when the year draws to a close, it becomes tricky to stay committed to fitness.

No matter what we tell ourselves, even the most committed amongst us start to skip the odd workout – usually because of the sheer temperature drop…

But shorter days don’t have to mean shorter workouts, so here are 5 ways to avoid that winter workout rut.

1. Grab some new gear

winter workout clothes

Chances are your workout wardrobe is 100% on point for summer, so you’re never going to wear those shorts out when temperatures approach zero.

Take a look in your local sports shop and invest in the correct gear for when the cold arrives. Stock up on some trousers and long sleeve tops, and get back out there.

It doesn’t have to be too expensive, but just something. The monetary investment will push you to make your purchases worthwhile!

Share your Winter Workout Rut-busting tips in the comments!


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