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5 Weird Healthy Food-Related Questions That You Probably Asked Google Page 4

4. “Can Ice Cream be healthy?”

Muscle Food Protein Ice Cream

Can an ice cream be good for you? Well, while our own brand is deliciously guilt free - for other brands the answer is yes and no.

For every health benefit like energy, vitamins and minerals - you’ve got ridiculous fat, sugar and lactose content.

Heck, these ice creams sometimes don’t even contain cream or fresh milk – instead brands will switch it out with commercial vegetable oils, partially reconstituted skimmed milk and whey solids.

That means you could sometimes be only getting a minimum of 2.5% milk protein!

So is there an alternative? Well, what if I said we did a High Protein Ice Cream that was absolutely SUGAR FREE… Don’t believe us? Take a look…


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