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5 Weird Healthy Food-Related Questions That You Probably Asked Google Page 3

3. “Is it good to eat bogies?”

Picking your nose

And now onto something a bit icky… Is it healthy to pick your nose and eat it?

With a fair few thousand searches every year, many people are doing their homework on whether not it’s healthy to eat your own snot!

But what’s even more surprising, some doctors…well one doctor… claims that eating bogies may be GOOD for you.

The aim of mucus is to block our sinuses from any particles of dirt or germs, but not all germs are bad…

Known as the hygiene hypothesis, your immune system developes defences based on what germs are in the body. That means biting bogies may help your immune system grow STRONGER!

Well, that was a disgusting twist to this article, but let’s get back onto something sweeter…


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