British Red Tractor Assurance is available on selected products.

Our high welfare British Veal is RSPCA Assured.

Gourmet Meats Galore

  • 12 x 200g Premium Chicken Breast Fillets
  • 2 x 6-7oz Matured Rump Steaks
  • 2 x 6-7oz Matured Sirloin Steaks
  • 2 x 400g British EXTRA Lean Beef Mince

Plus These Extras…

  • 4 x 4oz British Steak Burgers
  • 2 x 400g Premium Mini Chicken Breast Fillets
  • 2 x 400g EXTRA Lean Pork Mince
  • 6 x LOW Fat Pork Sausages

Plus These Beauties…

  • 6 x LOW Fat Cumberland Sausages
  • 12 x British Giant Meatballs
  • Grillstock Seasoning Pack

And This For FREE…

  • 1.2kg British Whole Chicken

And FREE DPD Delivery…

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Meet Noel…

The man behind some of the mouth wateringly tasty beef you love. Noel lives for producing outstanding quality food, and believes that starts with making sure his animals are happy.

Meet Our Farmers

"Sometimes the old ways are actually still the best ways"

That is why Noel gives his cattle the space to roam freely around his Dorset farm and are only fed on grass, because this produces happy animals which makes you very happy customers.

Gourmet Meats Galore

12 x 200g Premium Chicken Breasts 

Unbelievably succulent and super juicy, we guarantee that these premium Chicken Breast Fillets have no added salt, water or any other rubbish.

• Weight: 2.5kg
• 22g Protein per 100g
• 0.4g Fat per 100g

2 x 6-7oz Matured Rump Steaks

Grass fed, free range and bursting with plenty of beefy brilliance - with each 6-7oz serving you're guaranteed a juicy 39.3g muscle building Protein hit with a low 5.1g fat.

• Weight: 12-14oz
• 21.6g Protein per 100g
• 4.7g Fat per 100g

2 x 6-7oz Matured Sirloin Steak

These triple tenderised Sirloin Steaks come from British & Irish farms, matured for a delicious 21 days and pack a high 38.6g protein per serving. You can be certain that these mouth-watering steaks are the ultimate taste satisfaction.

• Weight: 12-14oz
• 21.8g Protein per 100g
• 8.3g Fat per 100g

2 x 400g British EXTRA Lean Beef Mince

Oh now, what’s this? A super tasty 7-day-matured 95% VL Beef Mince that’s 100% grass fed, free range and so tasty you’ll wonder why you ever settled for store bought mince?

• Weight: 800g
• 21.7g Protein per 100g
• 4.2g Fat per 100g

4 x 4oz British Steak Burgers

Burger fans - you no longer have to banish your fave beefy delicacy from your low fat menu because with THESE Extra Lean Beef Burgers you’ll receive no more than 4.8g fat per 100g…

• Weight: 16oz
• 18.9g Protein per 100g
• 13.9g Fat per 100g

2 x 400g Mini Chicken Breast Fillets

Our deliciously lean Chicken Mini Fillets are packed with protein. With ZERO added water or salt, you’re getting nothing but perfectly plump poultry!

• Weight: 800g
• 22g Protein per 100g
• 0.4g Fat per 100g

2 x 400g Low Fat Pork Mince

Our stunning EXTRA lean Pork has 64% LESS fat than any other pork mince you’ll find at your local supermarket… No added nasties, no gristle, no cartilage (max 95VL trimmings) – SCORE!

• Weight: 800g
• 23.7g Protein per 100g
• 1.8g Fat per 100g

6 x LOW Fat Pork Sausages

With LESS than 1g fat per sausage, these delicious pork sausages so low in fat they will even give our customer fave Chicken Breast Sausages a run for their money.

• Weight: 454g
• 19.8g Protein per 100g
• 1.2g Fat per 100g

6 x LOW Fat Cumberland Sausages

Cumberland Sausages are back on the menu with our deliciously thick 97-calorie bangers – officially certified low fat. With JUST 1.5g in every serving – you can enjoy every sumptuously moist bite without guilt (that’s a massive 92% LESS fat than the popular store-bought sausages).

• Weight: 454g
• 18.8g Protein per 100g
• 2.0g Fat per 100g

12 x British Giant Meatballs

Gluten free, 100% free range and deliciously British, these amazing GIANT Beef Meatballs are beefy, freshly made from 100% steak trimmings with absolutely no fillers or nasty extras! Chockfull of goodness and zero badness whilst boasting an amazing 22.7g of protein per 100g.

• Weight: 900g
• 18.9g Protein per 100g
• 8.3g Fat per 100g

Grillstock Seasoning Pack

That’s right – we have also included your favourite flavour to ramp up your favourite meats by adding a rip rawin’ southern twist.

• Weight: 30g
• 6.5g Protein per 100g
• 2.1g Fat per 100g

1.2kg British Whole Chicken

Our British Whole Fresh Chicken certainly exceeds flavour expectations - it's even Red Tractor certified! This delectable 1.2kg chicken has absolutely no added water or salt, meaning you receive truly tasty, juicy chicken ideal for roasting and won’t shrink in the oven.

• Weight: 1.2kg
• 19.8g Protein per 100g
• 8.9g Fat per 100g

FREE Super Chilled DPD Delivery

DPD tracking on Google Maps
• Track Your Order On Google Maps
• 1 Hour Delivery Slot
• Photo Evidence If Left Safe
• Safe Delivery Instructions Followed


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