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6 Classic Newbie Gym Errors

  • So, you’ve just signed up for the gym – now the real work begins!

  • Those first few steps into the world of fitness can be scary, but don’t make it hard on yourself by making these classic rookie mistakes.

  • Here are the top 6 classic Gym Errors, and how to avoid them.

1. Always switch up your routine

people working out in the gym

Do you feel good about your current workout plan? Smashing it without breaking a sweat? That’s not a good sign.

In order to get keep improving your body, you really should change your workout regime every six weeks or so. Your body quickly adapts to the same strain you put it under – make sure you mix things up to keep your muscles on their metaphorical toes.

2. Static Stretching

woman lifting weights gym

We’ve all been taught the same stretches in Primary School P.E. But little do you know; they are a complete waste of time that may discourage your muscles from performing at their peak.

Ditch those toe-touches and go for dynamic lunges to really warm things up and keep you nimble.

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