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6 Classic Newbie Gym Errors Page 2

3. It’s not all about reps

woman lifting weights with male spotter

Look, I get it. The main sense of achievement seems to come from doing as many of one exercise as possible.

But really, it’s all about your range of movement over reps. Squat as low as you can, push that weight slowly up and down, don’t rush anything. This provides optimum muscle activation, allowing you to give your guns some real tension.

Stop when you can no longer slowly complete a rep, because any fast ones after that will not help.

4. Resist the resistance

rack of free weights

Weight lifting for beginners can be daunting, so resistance training is a good place to start. However, don’t spend all of your time there…

If you stick to resistance machines only, your body will eventually stop improving. None of these resistance machines offer as good of a range of movement as free weights do, and none of these bring balance into account.

After mastering the resistance training, move onto the free weights and reap the benefits.

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