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6 Classic Newbie Gym Errors Page 3

5. Pointless warm ups

warming up on a treadmill

Time to warm up! The standard procedure is to get on the Cross Trainer or Exercise Bike for 10-15 minutes – work up a good sweat.

But stop right there, because you need to warm up the body part you will be training. If it’s your arms, train your arms – otherwise your arms will still be cold and prone to injury.

Give your body the TLC it deserves and warm up properly.

6. Don’t overwork yourself so soon

working out in gym

Don’t go into the gym with unrealistic expectations. Expecting a six pack after two weeks is not possible – and you will injure yourself doing it.

Expecting these massive results will result in overtraining, whereas you can focus on realistic instant gratification and work from there.

Pick your starting point, speak to a PT and decide what your goals should be.

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