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The 6 Stages Of Dieting Hell

  • Why does the dirty food have to taste so good?
  • Nothing ruins a good diet more than craving the filthy stuff – like a gigantic kebab after a night on the town
  • So to everyone who has committed to a diet in the past, we feel your pain and have actually been through these 6 stages of dieting hell ourselves

1. Your diet starts on Monday

Fresh Prince Balanced Diet

We’ve all been there – sat looking at your eighth alcoholic drink while with friends. That epiphany you feel to change isn’t unique!

You’ve been thinking about cutting that weight for a while now, and by a while we mean two weeks before that big holiday…

But in your drunken phase, you finally get that lightning bolt moment to do it – “Diet starts on Monday,” you proclaim!

This isn’t Monday, though. Monday isn’t kicking off for another day at least, so what are you going to do? Gorge yourself on every calorific, grease-dripping, sugar filled piece of junk you can fit into that gob of yours.

Share your diet hell moments in the comments!


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