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The 6 Stages Of Dieting Hell Page 2

2. “This is the new me.”

dieting smoothie

Get ready, people – this is the phase of your life that your mates are going to HATE!

You’re turning down nights out all over the shop, in favour of buying that extra-large hamper of lentils, brown rice and tuna.

You’ve started using a fancy new water bottle with way too many features for a bottle, and are sporting a pair of those slinky joggers that leave absolutely ZERO to the imagination…

The ceremonial destruction of all those takeaway vouchers you stuck on the fridge has happened – tearfully ripping up those menus and deleting the Just Eat app off your phone.

You’ve changed. You’ve even started posting those ridiculous motivational posters on Facebook – just to let everyone know your intentions to get ripped.

Now, onto that gym membership and drinking a lumpy green smoothie every morning.

Share your diet hell moments in the comments!


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