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The 6 Stages Of Dieting Hell Page 3

3. On a diet? Time to tell the whole world

American Dad Die Calories

You’re off to a flying start on your diet after two days – meal prepping like a boss and smashing salads like nobody’s business!

At this point, you have the urge to tell the entire world you’re on a diet, and will continue to shove your clean eating down everyone’s throat.

Post after post on social media, not-so-subtle humble brags during general conversation, urging Brenda from HR to offer you a cake on your lunch break just to turn it down and harp on about “getting lean.”

You’ve become the brave warrior, turning down temptation whenever the Krispy Kremes are brought into the office…

The rants do not stop – as you pontificate about the carb crisis, what fats are good and the evils of sugar. Nobody wants to hear it, but you don’t care – they’re going to listen whether they like it or not!

Because you are the advanced species.

Share your diet hell moments in the comments!


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