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The 6 Stages Of Dieting Hell Page 4

4. The world tests you, as you hit the wall

Pizza Food Porn

You’ve hit the wall – you’re beginning to flag on eating virtually nothing compared to your eating style before.

People at work have sensed this, subtly teasing you with work lunch trips to Pizza Hut and dodging any of your attempts to stab them with a sharpened salad fork for proposing such an idea.

Your blood sugars are way lower than they used to be, as your healthy complexion turns to a dull grey and you’re seriously considering running head first into the nearest buffet.

The whole body yearns for some delicious food that is off your eating list – it even grumbles whenever a TV chef creates an olive oil-soaked masterpiece of meat and carbs.

Things are getting difficult now, but you keep committed.

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