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The 6 Stages Of Dieting Hell Page 5

5. You relent, but just say you’re going to have “one treat.”

Spoon of ice cream

So far, shockingly, you’ve survived without crashing Deliveroo’s servers with a mountainous order.

But like a smoker trying to kick the cigarettes, you start to shake. Your body begs for something sugary, packed with E numbers and covered in chocolate.

You can’t even avert your gaze from the onslaught of Facebook recipe videos, and you have dreams about all the gooey cheese just falling out of that burger…

Honestly – it could even be a spoonful of gravel if it had some Nutella on the top of it!

And the result is simple – you relent. “Just one spoon won’t hurt me,” as you reach into the jar. “I’ll go back to salads tomorrow.” Well, that is true until…

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