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Keeping Your Family HEALTHY In Full School Swing! 6 Tips To A Better Back-To-School Lifestyle

By Jennifer Bulcock

  • The kids are back at school and you need something to do!
  • Chances are you popped a few pounds on over summer, enjoying those ice cream cones and outdoor BBQ + drinking sessions.
  • School run mum expert Jennifer Bulcock lists her top six tips for getting the family back on a healthy track after the summer splurge.
6 tips for a back to school lifestyle

The new shoes are polished, uniforms ironed, and the kids are in full school run swing.


But, I know what you did last summer!

Those long summer days topped up with ice cream cones, cider, prosecco, beer and barbecues, or even the all-inclusive holiday...

It's ok, we earned it, right? 

I bet those extra few inches and pounds on the scales are not something you wanted to see as we begin the Autumn term, and the run up to the party season...

After a summer blow out, it can be even harder to gain control of eating habits!

Summer is actually a period when we gain the most weight in the shortest time. 

This can cumulate each year, and is usually why so many of us get fatter and fatter over time. (1)

It doesn't just apply to us, but also our kids. (2) 

Year on year many kids simply get a little bit podgier.

We could dismiss this as "a growth spurt", turn a blind eye, or convince ourselves that, "they're just big boned".

But, by the time our kids reach the end of primary school, a third of them are overweight or obese. (3)

And in truth, it's pretty hard to admit that your kid is fat!

So what can we do to offset this summer splurge and get the whole family on track with a consistently healthy lifestyle?


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