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Keeping Your Family HEALTHY In Full School Swing! 6 Tips To A Better Back-To-School Lifestyle

By Jennifer Bulcock

3 - Snack foods- the hidden calories!

6 tips for a back to school lifestyle

Packaged snack foods, in particular kids snack foods, can be deceiving. Just because it says "no added sugar" or "all natural ingredients" doesn't make it an optimal choice. 

In fact many of these snack foods marketed to kids as being "healthy" are fairly high in calories, due to the use of dried fruits and fructose based syrups, to bulk up the ingredients. 

Changing snack foods for things like fresh fruit, crudités, boiled eggs, rice cakes, hummus, can easily take out a load of unnecessary calories and add in more valuable nutrition to fuel our growing kids.

In our house, the kids like to use monkey platters. I leave out a variety of exciting looking fruits and veggies, so the kids an dip in and out as they wish. 

In fact, it's been known for my three kids to have all-out war, over who has eaten all the cucumber!


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