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Keeping Your Family HEALTHY In Full School Swing! 6 Tips To A Better Back-To-School Lifestyle

By Jennifer Bulcock

5 - DON'T go "on" a diet and more importantly, DON'T put your kids "on" a diet!

6 tips for a back to school lifestyle

This is stupid, and can be dangerous, particularly for our kids.

Being "on" something, implies that it's only for a set period and you'll no longer be "on" it at some point. 

Set a foundation of healthy eating habits that you would want to see reflected in your children. You can't very well expect to have well balanced kids if they witness Mummy & Daddy yo-yo-ing with good and bad eating habits.

Truth is, kid’s nutrition is a minefield, and if we get this wrong it could create a lifelong negative relationship with food and body image.

Do not force change on your kids, and never use food as a bargaining tool such as, 

"if you eat your greens, then you'll get pudding". 

This can be psychologically damaging, potentially effecting the reward pathways into adulthood. (4)

Start to make little changes, that lead to bigger changes. There's no magic quick fix to address poor childhood eating habits. Change needs to be implemented as a stepping stone process over time. Allowing everyone in the family to adapt to each step along the way.


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