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Keeping Your Family HEALTHY In Full School Swing! 6 Tips To A Better Back-To-School Lifestyle

By Jennifer Bulcock

6 - Get physical

6 tips for a back to school lifestyle

The biggest impact we can have, fairly rapidly, for both ourselves and our kids, is physical activity. 

Many of the clients I work with have a disconnection with how active we all should be on a daily basis.

Even becoming concerned that their kids may become over tired, with what is actually, only a very small amount of physical stimulation.

Our kids should be quite capable of running a mile regularly, and should not need to rest, or eat a ton of food to recover from this. It is a completely normal amount of physical activity, as is walking a few miles each day.

Over the summer holidays, some kids are less active, compared to the routine of walking to school, regular PE lessons, and outdoor play.

Finding a way to incorporate daily physical activity together as a family will improve your health too. Even if it's just as simple as getting out for a walk or riding bikes together. 

Make physical activity an integral part of daily life. No matter what else happens, still make the effort to get out for a family activity together. 

So next time the school holidays hit, you'll know you have a routine whereby you can all be active together as a family.

Seeing kids who have already become trapped, physically, by the constraints of their body, is incredibly sad to witness. This can be the beginning of a downward spiral if action isn't taken to change this path.


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