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6 Ways To Stop That Mad Post-Workout Hunger From Ruining Your Results

  • Feeling crazy hungry after that workout? You’re not alone

  • It’s common to want to eat the equivalent of a small town post-workout

  • But many times, people do this and ruin their results

  • How can you stop this from happening? Here are 6 ways to crush those hunger pangs

post workout eating

What is the first thing you want to do after a workout? For most of us, the answer is simple – eat everything in sight.

That’s right - after all of that High Intensity Cardio and weight training, your stomach has become a bottomless pit. You will not stop until you’ve consumed a small village’s worth of food without a break.

You sit there, wallowing in your own self-pity and a mountain of hobnob crumbs, wondering where it all went wrong?

Well, we have a few tips to stop that post-workout hunger ruining the results of your hard work!

1. REMEMBER: Your eyes are not as big as your belly

eating pizza

You may want to eradicate the entire city’s supply of cheese, but stop before you run out with your favourite cutlery and think – “do I really need that much food?”

Your brain responds to hunger based on how long it’s been since you’ve eaten and how much you ate at the time. This is also skewed by what exercise you do.

The reason you feel stupidly hungry after exercising is simply because of your satiety hormones, which regulate your appetite. Exercising uses up stored nutrients and blood sugar, which sends an SOS call to the brain in the form of hunger.

Always ask yourself the key question before raiding the fridge: “do I really need that much food?” Even though you want it, chances are you don’t need that second (…or third) pizza.

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