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6 Ways To Stop That Mad Post-Workout Hunger From Ruining Your Results Page 2

2. Avoid making your food choices based on what a calorie tracker tells you

false calorie tracking

Diet and fitness goals should not be based on your health tracker, because they can be inaccurate and give you the wrong advice.

Your tracker will overestimate how many calories you burned during that workout, and you will enable yourself to eat more calories than those you need to “replenish.”

3. Eat most of the protein on your plate first, before taking on the fat and carbs

steak night

You should love this tip – it’s permission to eat all the meat first before those veggie sides!

Protein is slow to digest and will help keep you feeling fuller for longer, helping you to avoid overeating post-workout.

Those carbs on the side are quickly digested, and those which aren’t will be stored as fat – that’s going to mess with your fitness goals.

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